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Create Meaning

Story telling in motion.

At hue, we approach the visual experience by developing meaning. We strongly believe that by connecting to the emotion and thinking of the viewer is what captures their senses, leaving a thought, a feeling, and an impression that builds a relationship between the viewer and the brand. We understand how to do this by our analysis of the brand purpose and this shapes the story that we are going to tell and why.

We get into the mind of the viewer and listener.

To tell a story that captures, we need to understand who we going to be telling this story to. Our process in developing these stories is centered on creating strong relationships between the brand and its audience. Our in-depth analysis into who the target audience is, how they think, what are they attracted to, why this information would be useful to them, and ultimately why would they care, creates a solid foundation into how we create these stories and visual experience.

We are storytellers.

Movement, sound, effects all stem from one core thing…the art of story telling. Our Audio/Video projects always begin with the creation of the voice and the story of the piece. Through our emotional, social, and consumer analysis we create the story that speaks to the desired target audience. We find the voice that they respond to, that they might be looking for, or one that might spark something new. Story is everything, it is the basis for connection and conversion.

Our pre-production process is comprehensive.

In understanding our client’s objectives, brand purpose, and budget, we then recommend the right video solution to fit their vision. Whether it is an animated video, studio production, corporate/education video, stock footage selection, or on-location shoot, we seek to deliver the best and most impactful video experience. Our detailed pre-production process includes presenting strategy, story selection, project timeline, script creation, casting, assembling the production team, securing equipment needs, and location scouting, yes...we do it all.

We love making all the ideas come alive.

Once we develop the voice, we then build the visual to tell that story. From film production, to animation, sound design, special effects, and animation, this creates the world that the viewer will experience and feel. Our creative ways into telling this story are powerful, innovative, and impactful to engage the user and leave them excited to learn more about the brand.

Our radio spots stand out.

Yes, we still believe that radio is a powerful medium. It’s an effective method to capture a specific type of audience. In creating radio spots, we develop scripts that are powerful, that are the right length to fit the target audience exposure, retention, and that will stand out in the marketplace. We work with great voice-over talent, sound design, and music selection.

We develop effective media buy strategies.

When meeting with our clients, understanding their budget, and analyzing the target audience, we then create smart media buy strategies. We focus on developing a schedule that will be most effective in meeting our client’s budget while maximizing the exposure to the target audience.

Our Process


Analyze the Brand Purpose


Identify the Audience


Develop the Script


Create Story Board








Final Delivery

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