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our graphic design is purposeful.

our design process involves understanding the core objectives of the project. we do this through our customized brand study.

our quick brand overview clearly identifies the project's objectives by distinguishing the target audience and focussing on the brand's essence.

from there, we fully explore every creative solution through our comprehensive design rounds.

ultimately, we create compelling, accurate designs that lead to more conversions and higher sales.

our graphic designs are cohesive, accurate, and powerful.

print production

our graphic design is functional.

our designs are created to translate into all mediums including print, web design, social media, television ads, large format, and more. this gives our clients versatility in regards to application with every design.

creative graphic design
graphic designer

our graphic design is comprehensive.

as a full service creative agency, we make our clients overall experience easy, exciting, and most importantly successful. we do this by implementing our tested design process, team work, clear communication, and overseeing all production. from start to finish we are a creative one-stop-shop, giving our clients an accurate and successful product and a stress free experience.

binghamton, ny

our graphic design is versatile.

our graphic design projects include customized logos, hand-crafted fonts, innovative brochure design, direct mailers, intricate invitations, holistic corporate identity, brand development, bold motion graphics, leading-edge expo design, and exceptional event presence. plus, with all projects, we bring experienced print production knowledge and vendor relationships.

creative graphic design

featured case study: beachdance event

objective/ strategy/ implementation/ result


create an event identity that gives the feeling of the sun, edge, and dancing.

beachdance was to take place in NYC, Miami, Chicago, LA promoting music, A|X fashion, summer, and an enter to win trip to Ibiza.

learn our strategy. -->


first we established a color pallete - a yellow/orange gradient that accurately gave the feeling of warmth to be carried through all of the elements for the event.

then, we custom designed the typeface for the title beachdance to evoke the feeling of movement and light in connection to the music industry.

implementation. -->


we carried through this concept into invites, in-stores, event venue, t-shirts, web, brochure, posters, and email.

results. -->


beachdance was a tremendous success and very reconizable and talked about in all four major cities and featured in several fashion magazines.

back to objective. -->

graphic designer

work with hue.

we offer project based proposals as well as account services.

our account services focus on priority service, comprehensive strategy development, and team work. hue becomes part of your team.

monthly hours can be used on any type of project ranging from ad campaign development, logo design, brand positioning, web design, graphic design, social media, print, event design, or any other marketing projects. and, as part of the team, our accounts are given high priority making it convenient for our clients to make changes whenever with instant results.

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hue graphic design

hue is a creative design company. our approach integrates innovation and visual excellence into big ideas. We specialize in brand development that includes logo design, corporate identity, signage, billboards, postcards, direct mail, business cards, letterheads, invitations, brochures, posters, and all things digital.
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