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at hue, we specialize in web design from a creative perspective. we build inspiring and innovative websites that engage the target audience through advanced development and visual exellence.

our web sites are engaging content strategy.

our process for web design is centered on creating strong relationships between the brand and it's audience.

visitor engagement comes first. it is accomplished with creative design and a solid content strategy.

this strategy is based on big ideas, in-depth market research, an analysis of current search trends, and a review of visitor behavior.

as a result, our websites keep visitors longer, provoke more interactions, and produce more conversions.

read our featured case study for an example of what is possible.

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increase the time and interactions.

decrease the bounces.

engage your visitors.

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search engine optimization company

our web sites are found.

search engine optimization is based on a clear content strategy, designed around a specific audience. our SEO projects rank on the first page because of our strategy and programming expertise. as a result, our web designs - from content, design, to development - produce higher conversions, and more sales.

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creative web developer / maintenance

we are web developers IT designer.

as experienced web developers, we build innovative web applications - websites, forms, ecommerce, games, social media integration, database and custom CMS solutions - that engage your audience and provide valuable user data. our web projects are tested for performance and function on all browsers across the digital landscape to ensure accurate user experience.

we also specialize in web/IT maintenance. our web developers provide expert site/server/database management to keep your web presence operational and up-to-date.

our creative perspective and development expertise produce effective, and inspiring websites that push your brand into the world of your audience.

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mobile app design development / mobile website design

our websites are mobile.

our websites function on all devices - desktop, tablet, phone. the best part, they do this automatically. [well, sort of.]

we build our mobile projects to adapt to the device. they are user-friendly, designed for touch navigation and developed for quick loading time. see a few featured examples of how our sites adapt to different devices below.

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featured case study: gownpreservation.com

objective/ approach/ result


the Wedding Gown Preservation Company is a highly specialized company that controls almost 90% of the market in the United States. they came to us with an older flash website that looked dated, it had a confusing content structure, and didn't function on mobile devices.

they wanted to update the look, have a web presence across all devices - including mobile, and reach a younger demographic.

learn our approach.

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we began with a brand study to create a foundation for the content development.

through this study we identified the brand objective and it's target audience.

from there, we developed a vertical approach to the content strategy in order to create an easy, approachable layout that attracts the younger bride.

see how it looks on mobile devices.

website design new york

a clean, beautiful design that speaks directly to the target audience.

within the first week, there was a 30% increase in pages visited. and within a month, there was an increase from 50% to 114% in user engagment.

the site is device friendly - compatible with phones, tablets, and desktops. the content is organized to be bride-friendly, focused on conversions.

back to objective.

work with hue.

we offer project based proposals as well as account services.

our account services focus on priority service, comprehensive strategy development, and team work. hue becomes part of your team.

monthly hours can be used on any type of project ranging from ad campaign development, logo design, brand positioning, web design, graphic design, social media, print, event design, or any other marketing projects. and, as part of the team, our accounts are given high priority making it convenient for our clients to make changes at anytime with instant results.

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hue is a creative web design company. our approach integrates innovation and visual excellence into big ideas. We specialize in web design, web development, mobile website design, mobile app development, SEO and internet marketing, as well as social media campaigns.
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